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A Joyce Krieg Timeline
But first … Yes, I do have a last name. It’s KRIEG. German, pronounced “kreeg,” long “e.” But since no one seems to be able to spell it correctly, I gave up and chose simply “joycek” as my URL. Now, repeat after me, class, “It’s ‘I’ before ‘E,’ except after ‘C’”
Awww … Joyce Baby Joyce Beach Santa Barbara beach girl
Silicon Valley teen, always with her nose in a book Joyce Teen Joyce Reporter My first real job - reporter for the Woodland Daily Democrat
First female newscaster at KFBK, Sacramento Joyce KFBK Joyce BK-2 The glory years as the Promotion Manager for the Number 1 news station in the California capital city
Back to the beach, recapturing a long-dormant dream of writing a novel Joyce Monterey Joyce Author Photo Official author photo from the dust jacket of my mysteries
Me, recently Joyce Recently Joyce's Cat Because one can never have too many cute cat photos

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