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A Few of My Favorite Things
Topaz ABYSSINIAN CATS: Beautiful, intelligent, active, affectionate. This is my latest Aby, Topaz. Calif. Writers Club CALIFORNIA WRITERS CLUB: One of the oldest writers clubs in continuous operation in the nation. HP Garage SILICON VALLEY LEGEND AND LORE: I like to tell people I grew up in San Jose “before it became Silicon Valley.”
Jazzercise JAZZERCISE: Yes, it’s still around.Very grateful to have discovered a fitness program I actually like back in the 80s. Sacramento Jazz Festival SACRAMENTO JAZZ JUBILEE: Sadly, this wonderful event is only but a memory. Central Coast Writers CENTRAL COAST WRITERS: Couldn’t mention California Writers Club without also giving a shout-out to my local branch.
Valley Broadcast Legends VALLEY BROADCAST LEGENDS: Love being the newsletter editor for this fun group of (mostly) retired TV and radio pros in the Sacramento area. Lindt Chocolate LINDT CHOCOLATE: Specifically, “Touch of Sea Salt.” Dark, of course. Is there any other kind? Peter Noone PETER “HERMAN” NOONE: My fave rave from my teenbopper years. Still performing, one of the cutest senior citizens on the planet.
Montalvo Arts Center MONTALVO ARTS CENTER: This beautiful park and museum in Saratoga is a favorite day trip. Seacliff State Beach SEACLIFF STATE BEACH: Another favorite spot for a mini-vacation/writing retreat. Sherlock SHERLOCK: Never can get enough of this fabulous BBC series.

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